Opinion: Equipment Overkill?

I came across this list of equipment recently.  I don’t mean to be critical, and I confess my unfamiliarity with hardcore travelling, but is this not a bit of overkill?

I’d be interested in the view of others and I stand to be corrected.

2. Bike Accessories

2 x Ortlieb Back roller plus panniers
2 x Ortlieb Front roller plus panniers
Ortlieb Handlebar bag ultimate 5 M plus
Tubus logo back rack
Tubus tara front rack
Cateye TL – LD1100 back light
Front light – Stella
7ft Krytoflex cable lock with combination padlock
Bungees x 2
The Giro indicator Helmet

3. Tools & Spares
Leatherman wave
Park MTB 3 rescue multitool
Pump: M-part evolution
Puncture patches (Self sticking ones)
Lubricant (TF2)
Old rag
Gaffa tape & army tape
Lots of tie-raps
Old toothbrush
Extra inner tubes x 2
Extra screws / bearings / nuts / bolts / washers / cable end caps
Extra cleats
Brake blocks / pads – Aztec
Spare Shimano brake cables
Extra spokes
Chain links
Spare tyre – Panaracer ribmos (1.75 x 26)

4. Camping gear
Nomad expedition poncho (can also be used as a groundsheet / tarp / sleeping bag cover / to protect downmat)

Small pillow
Exped downmat 9 and repair kit
Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping bag
Spare zip sliders
Terra Nova Superlite Solar Tent
10L Ortlieb water bag

5. Cooking gear
MSR Whisperlite International Stove
MSR service kit
MSR fuel bottlewith fuel
First Need water filter
Resealable plastic bags
Small saucepan and frying pan
5L folding kitchen sink
Army tin openers
X plate
X bowl
Old film canisters containing spices
Stock cubes
Little bottle of oil
Salt and pepper

6. Clothing
Shimano SD65 SPD sandals
Shimano MT32 MTB SPD shoes
A Buff
Technicals Beanie
Endura piranha sunglasses
4 x T-shirts
Endura Transmission long sleeved baselayer
The Cragghoppers Corey microfleece
Socks: Seal skinz (large ankle length)
Shorts: Padded Polaris and Endura cycling lycra cycling shorts
The Craghoppers Kiwi Classic Winterwalk trousers
Polaris Surge Overtrousers
Endura Burner ¾ trousers
Polaris Attack gloves
2 x Hoodies
Endura Fusion jacket and Endura Convert II jacket

7. Electronic
Petzl Tikka 2 Plus head torch
Panasonic TZ4 camera and lead
Panasonic G1 camera and lead
Veho Muvi (micro DV camcorder)
Oregon scientific action camera (ATC 5k)
Camera battery chargers
Gorilla pod
Memory cards
Torch and tripod – True utility tripodLite
IPod with 160GB memory and lead
Pill speakers
Freeloader pro
Freeloader globetrotter
Freeloader battery charger
Mini Kin Green Wind Power Generator
Spare batteries – assorted
Cycle computer
World radio with alarm
USB Memory stick
Electric plug adaptor
Kestrel Weather Meter
UbiSurfer netbook
Spot GPS
Portable hard drive
Credit card LED torch
Bikeman LFB-615 MP3 bike speakers
Language voice translator

8. Documents
Expedition prospectus
Moleskin Journal (reward in front)
Photos of family and friends
Cycling The 6 business cards
Insurance details
Old Passport
Photo of bike
Glasses prescription
Vaccination details / blood group / yellow fever cert
Photocopy of membership to RCP certificate
EHIC card for healthcare in EU
Various instruction manuals
Emergency contact / NOK details
Receipt of bike and camera sale
Useful phone numbers
Passport size photos
Transparent pockets for docs

9. Miscellaneous
Money belt / wallet
Fake wallet
Jimi wallet for cards
Debit card
Credit card
Money – local and dollars / euro
Cards – NHS, ISI connect phone card
Cash stash
Guide book
SAS survival guide
Phrase book
Wash kit:
Wash bag with small mirror
Soap / shower gel / S2S Wilderness wash / Pocket body wash
Razor and spare blades
Shaving oil
Wet wipes
Pocket Shower
Drylite microtowel
Universal sink plug
Survival kit:
FiresteelSurvival logic tool – whistle, torch, firesteel
Commando wire saw
Hot hands II handwarmers

Sewing kit and thread
Telepen and other pens
Twisted clothes line
Safety pins
Ear plugs
Blacks small backpack
TPU guide map case
Toilet paper
Soap powder for laundry
Small padlock
Rubber bands
Insect repellent – incognito
Zips and ties
Mesh bag for laundry

10. Medical kit
Bag / pouch
Medistore (plastic container containing tablets)
Ciprofloxacin (antibiotic)
Co-amoxiclav (broad spectrum antibiotic)
Doxycycline (antimalarial)
Malarone (antimalarial)
Co-codamol 30/500
Lignocaine (local anaesthetic)
Fusidic acid cream (anti-bacterial)
Antifungal cream
Water for injections
Loperamide (for diarrhoea)
Emergency dental kit with cavit amalgam
Chlorpheniramine (Piriton, antihistamine)
Quinine (in case of malarial infection despite prophylaxis)
Cyclizine (antiemetic)
Sublingual antiemetic
Oral rehydration sachets
Tiger balm
Digital thermometer
Alcohol gel
Safety pins
Rolls of bandages
Triangular bandages
Gloves – normal / sterile
Stitches (novofil / ethylon)
Steristrips (friars balsam)
Sterile gauze
Water purification tabs
Sunblock (factor 25)
Micropore tape
Stitch holder
BM machine and strips
Assorted dressings
Sterile drape

via Equipment. On Dr. Steve Fabes pages for Cycling the 6 on behalf of charity.


2 thoughts on “Opinion: Equipment Overkill?

  1. You’re absolutely right… if I was taking all of this on tour it would be serious overkill! This a list of all the kit I amassed prior to leaving, much of which came from sponsors and donors. I take only a fraction of this with me, even then I’m probably carrying too much. Some of my kit gets sent home in exchange for other bits when I need them. I put the complete list on the site to aid people planning their own tours.

    As a general point… most people I meet on tour seem to think kit’s a bit over rated and wish in hindsight they had packed less. I carry maybe 30 kg. I’d like to get down to twenty but without cutting off the handle of my toothbrush or drilling holes in my spanners etc!


  2. Thanks for this clarification, Steve. I should have twigged and read with more care. I am reading Chris Smith’s “Why don’t you fly?” at the moment and I see he has a nice quote from Jerome K Jerome to the effect that, you don’t think about taking what you could do with, but what you cannot do without. Not sure I’ll convince SWMBO however! Thanks for taking the time to post: looking forward to following your future exploits now that I have found your site. Norman


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