We two Milemunchers are…

… not quite travelling aimlessly, but not yet committed to any set route or destination for a 6 week tour in the Autumn.  We are most likely to cycle from Aberdeen, here in Scotland, to Algoz in the Algarve, via France, Spain and Portugal.   We are committed to:

  • 6 weeks cycling (in Europe) for a start
  • 50 MPD for 5 days a week; 250MPW; 1000MPM
  • taking only what we need, not what we might like
  • going tentless – we deserve a little luxury at our age
  • using mostly paved surfaces, on cycleways and minor roads
  • GPS navigation – with Garmin Edge 800 and iPad book reader
  • Thorn Raven Sports Tour bikes
  • learning as much language(s) as we can
  • self-help mechanics where possible
  • travelling mindfully, ‘ in the moment’.

We welcome comments and advice.  Norman and Jacqui


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