Maintenance: Replacing Rohloff Gear Cables

This is an excellent video created by Thorn Cycles showing how to change and adjust the cables for the Rohloff gear changer in the clearest possible step by step guide.  Very reassuring for the less than technically minded like myself.


2 thoughts on “Maintenance: Replacing Rohloff Gear Cables

  1. Thank you for a fabulously informative site especially chain tension ( I’m hoping this applies to all bicycle chains) Has any one posted Cinq5 thumb shifters and box maintenance. I’ve found the outer-cable choice to be critical mine was fitted with none-linear cables ie spiral wound and this snapped the cable. This causes complete system failure without a spanner to change to a useful gear. This also applies if the wrong ferrules are used. If the Rolhoff ferrule is used with the Cinq thumb shifters it can cause chafing. Any Cinq5 info would be great especially maintenance of the box on long trips/tours.


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