Rohloff Hub Oil Change

This is an excellent video created by Thorn Cycles showing how to change the oil in the Rohloff hub in the clearest possible step by step guide.  Very reassuring for the less than technically minded like myself.

A similar video (in Dutch) can be found here:

The oil needed to be changed every 5000K or each year.  Keep records for claims reasons.  Rohloff provide a record card for this purpose. Assuming you have the Rohloff Oil change Kit (available from Thorn/SJS Cycles) the steps needed are:

  1. Clean the Hub surface.  Keep a rag to hand to catch any oil drips.
  2. Remove the drain plug (note the necessary 3mm Allan Key is not provided in the kit and you want to have a decent one as the plug is difficult to budge at the start.  Moving the plug to the 2.30pm position makes it easier to clear the bike rack if fitted)
  3. Draw 25 ml of cleaning oil into syringe and attach the drain tube. (Twisting the tube allows it to act as a ‘driver’ while you guide it with your fingers.)
  4. Push the cleaning oil into the hub and draw out 20ml of air.
  5. Replace the old drain plug (adding a blob of petroleum jelly to the end of the Allan Key will help get it into place.)
  6. Ride for at least 1K or spin the hub for 3 minutes while switching between gears 3 and 5.
  7. Refit the drain tube and leave pointing downwards for 15 minutes.
  8. Draw off the dirty oil.  Leave for a further 5 minutes to drain. (Expect to get between 35 and 50ml of oil out.)
  9. Dispose of the old oil in the container provided.
  10. Draw 25 ml of new oil into syringe and attach the drain tube. (Thorn say 15ml is enough, but I went with Rohloff’s recommendation.
  11. Push the new oil into the hub and draw out 20ml of air.
  12. Put the new drain plug into place (take care not to ‘cross-thread’ it and expect a little resistance as it comes with some sort of ‘wax’ to seal it.
I know myself to be a pretty feeble and nervous ‘mechanic’, but this procedure was very straightforward.


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