Book Review: The Road that has no end

The Road that has no End by Tim Travis, Indianapolis, 2004.

I bought this as an e-book from the site above.  The effort that has gone into it is very impressive, but it’s not just the most stimulating of reads.

The most useful section of the book is the first part that deals with Tim and Cindie’s detailed preparation in the five years that led to their setting off on their world travels.  The account of how they set about the disciplined preparation for the trip five, two and one year before departure is impressive and useful.  They saved very seriously to build up a war chest to pay for the trip.  They spent $11000 on bikes and equipment.  They sold up everything before leaving.  They poured over maps and guides for two years.  They took a ‘trial run’ locally to test their kit and skills.

After they set off the book gives a very detailed account of their trip: where they went, what they ate, where they stayed, who they met.  This material might well be very useful to others about to go the same way, but it is hardly gripping reading.  I found myself scan reading rather than turning the pages with any great excitement.

A detailed account of the trips taken that leaves the reader wondering what the riders made of it all.

The Road that has no End by Tim Travis, Indianapolis, 2004. Recommended with 2 stars. 


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