Accessories: Ortlieb Bar Bag Organiser

While I am a big fan of the Ortlieb Bar Bag for its toughness,waterproof quality and ease of mounting on the bike, on my last trip I found the lack of any internal organising divisions a real pain: I found I was constantly rummaging about in the bag to find individual items.  I cannot find an organiser system for sale, except for cameras, so I set to, to make my own from a recycled camera bag.

The set up here adds almost nothing to the weight (which totals 1650 gms so is virtually half the maximum Ortlieb recommends) and neatly holds these items:

  1. wallet
  2. digital camera – Canon IXUS 75
  3. Garmin Edge 800
  4. sunglasses and reading glasses
  5. iPhone
  6. cycle computer – Cateye Vectra Wireless
  7. binoculars – own brand 10×25
  8. pen and notebook – Moleskine
  9. daily paperwork – hotel vouchers etc.
  10. handtowel
  11. keys (attached to lid)
  12. micro-torch
  13. Passport and insurance documentation
  14. Ortlieb shoulder carry strap
  15. additional waterproof cover – just in case!
This arrangement leaves plenty of space and weight for any essential extras and emergency energy bars needed from time to time and so I am pretty pleased with it in prospect.

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