Opinion: Bicycle Helmets: yes or no? – James Cracknell says – yes!

I am a member of the CTC and I generally admire them and what they do.  However, I have never quite understood their stance on cycle helmet wearing.

As an ex motorcyclist, helmet waring is  ‘second nature’ to me.  A given: if you like a, ‘no-brainer’. It’s one of those items covered by the maxim: “Before you take the risk, think of the risk you take.”  Or as I heard once from an A&E doctor on the TV: “Helmet wearing is the difference between my prescribing an asprin or arranging for speech therapy.”  I did not need much convincing beyond this.  That said, a good mate, also a cyclist, never wears a helmet on his daily commute.  I imagine he does while out on the road.  I have never asked him why he makes the difference – in town and on the open road.  Speed perhaps?  Or just circumstances?  Or vanity?  Or convenience?  For sure, it’s his choice.

As I say, I am beyond the decision point: helmet wearing is just a habit for me now, and its one of my less bad habits I feel.  It appears James Cracknell agrees:

He has more reason to think it important than most.


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