Inspirations: Catherine Sheehan

I have just discovered Catherine’s Blog of her 10,000 solo trip around China, started when her youngest son headed off to University.  Good for her!  Check it out!

Update: Its with great sadness that I have just learned that Catherine has been knocked off her bike and killed.  This is so sad.  I am not sure what to do with this page now, but for the moment I want to leave it here as it is.  My wife and I had just discovered Catherine’s blog and had started to share her adventure.  This news is a blow to us both and are thoughts go out to Catherine’s family and friends.  She will remain an inspiration to us, however, and for sure.

Catherine Sheenan RIP

I have spent the afternoon re-reading Catherine’s blog and looking at her photos.  It is less than a week since I came upon her blog, but in that short time her writing and photographs have come to mean a lot to my wife and I.    In her first posting she mentioned being selfish and irresponsible in leaving her two sons: not so – all of the rest of her writings suggest that she left them a wonderful legacy of courage, good humour, strength, open-heartedness and optimism.  Her account of how she used cycling  and adventure to create a new self, physically and spiritually, is inspiring and up-lifting.

In her last entry Catherine wrote:

 “Today is my last day of cycle touring in China. I’m not ready to leave yet. It has been wonderful. Thank you, China, you have given me an incredible eight months of learning, living and cycling.”

Thank you Catherine for your example and your  spirit of adventure.  For sure, Catherine will visit with us on our future cycle rides and will not be forgotten.

Catherine’s Albums – Powered by Phanfare

Some coverage here:


5 thoughts on “Inspirations: Catherine Sheehan

  1. Jane, I am so, so saddened to get this news, but very grateful to you for pointing it out to me. My wife and I had just started to follow Catherine’s adventure and this comes as a real blow to both of us. Our thoughts go out to her family and friends.


  2. hi, I just happened across your site when I was looking up an old article on my sister Cathy and just lovely to read the comments and your piece on her and how she inspired you. She did the same for me – I’ve been cycling since she died as her cycle club in Auckland had a memorial ride and I had to start cycling in order to do the ride! I did a Laos trip she went on with the same guide (Red Spokes) and next year doing a month long trip through south east asia (with a cycle touring company) and do a 60k cycle most weekends on my road bike. So, she changed my life and she is much missed. Her two sons haven’t taken up cycling though! I’m sorry to hear about the shoulder injury. Lots of good wishes for many fabulous cycling years ahead. Bernie xxx


    1. Hello Bernie and thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I’m delighted to hear of your ‘conversion’ to cycling. It’s a real and lasting memorial to your sister. You are doing rather better than we are: life and a house move have kept us from touring as much as we hoped of late. Jacqui has made a full recovery from the shoulder injury and indeed she was back cycling from Paris to Algoz on the Algarve within nine months of it happening. We are about to head off for a month micro-touring in southern Portugal and Spain. Now thanks to your getting in touch we will stop at some point and raise our glasses (or coffee cups!) to Cathy and Bernie. I hope we can follow your adventures somehow? Is there a blog perhaps or FB page? In any case all the very best to you and the family.


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