Technology: Creating Routes for the Garmin Edge 800 with Map My Ride

Map My Ride is the web site of preference I use to create Routes for use with the Garmin Edge 800.  I access the site from my Apple Mac with Safari,but I suspect that the site will work well with any platform and browser.  Here’s how I go about it.  I use this site in preference to, e.g. Garmin Base Camp as it seems to be to be much more straightforward and reliable in use.

Navigate to the Map My Ride site and register/login.  You can register and use the site for free, but I have decided to commit to it and I pay for a Bronze monthly subscription.

  1. To begin mapping a Route either select Map a Route from the Routes drop down menu to the left or  Click on Map a Route using the button to the top right.
  2. Provide a Start Location  e.g. Aberdeen, UK. Click on e.g. Road Cycling and click on Continue.
  3. Click and Drag the map to show your intended start position.
  4. Point and double click to create a start point.
  5. Click  on Follow Roads in the tools menu to the right.
  6. Click on the next junction point you want to pass through, and continue clicking in at each decision point.
  7. If anything goes wrong, click Un(do) on the tools menu.
  8. Click Follow Roads to toggle on and off between following roads or open spaces as necessary e.g. to go though a park area then back onto roads.
  9. Click decision points on the map to complete the route.
  10. By default your route will be titled, “A route mapped on date” – Select this text and rename with a meaningful title.
  11. Click Save to complete your Route.
  12. Add a description if you care to and Click  Save and Complete.
  13. A map will appear with Elevation data underneath.  Click on Export Map Data and select the Export as GPXOption.
  14. Click on Download GPX File.
This will place a copy of the file in your computer’s download area, ready for transfer to your Garmin device.  Click here for details of how to transfer files to your Garmin. 
Update: If you prefer I have added a video screencast of these instructions.  To view, click on the Technology tag to the right of this post.

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