Planning: Spain North to South by Pedro Diaz

Pedro describes the route taken from Gijon to Malaga [Route] by he and his girlfriend.  They covered 1102K (684mls) in 15 days with two rest days included.  The site gives a rurally useful overview including GPS files for each day and includes an interesting blog of each day.


2 thoughts on “Planning: Spain North to South by Pedro Diaz

    1. Hello Ben, I am not sure I can help much. We planned a trip south from Santander a few years back, but were scuppered by a strike that suspended sailings so we had to start in Paris. This meant we crossed over at Pamplona and then tracked West to Burgos before turning south. Our trip is documented a bit in these pages. We decided to stay in Spain until we crossed over into Portugal at Portalegre. This bit of Spain and then Portugal were a delight, bit crossing the northern bit by the Compos was cold and hard with days of stiff headwinds for us in October. Overall we loved the trip mind and wish you all the best.


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