Accessories: Click-Stand – the folding kickstand – looks great!

I have been keen to add a kickstand to our Ravens for some time, but not sure which might be suitable.  Tonight researching the Thorn Forums I came across this little number.

The Amazing Click-Stand

Seems an odd concept – you think it would fall over if the bike rolled forward or back, but owners seem to swear by them.  So worth a thought I guess.  The sellers suggest these features:

  • Handmade & custom cut to fit your bike.
  • $31 to $42  +  Shipping  +  Tax if shipped to WA.
  • Two models of Click-Stands support all types of bikes, from loaded tandems to racing bikes.
  • Made from expedition/aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum tubing.
  • The Mini’s tubing is .374″ (9.5mm) in diameter.
  • The Max’s tubing is .433″ (11mm) in diameter.
  • Supports your bicycle above its center of gravity, which makes it stronger and more stable than a traditional kickstand.
  • Weighs approximately 75 grams. A Mini can weigh less than 60, and a Max up to 90 grams.
  • Supports fully-loaded touring bicycles, even loaded tandems pulling a Bob! Tour tested
  • Paint friendly rubber coated cradle.
  •  Non-slip rubber foot.Lean your bike to either side.
  • Works up, down or side hill just as well as on flat ground.
  • International shipping for $10; to Canada for $6.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
Tourer with Click-Stand
They seem to be made by a one-man-band company in the States ( Aberdeen WA, would you believe!) and are very reasonably priced, given that each is hand made to length once you provide the measurements of your bike.  I am well impressed and think I might take a punt at one.
Details are on the Click-Stand web site.
UPDATE: It gets a positive review from Paddy and Laura, of ‘Pedalling About’ fame.

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