Inspirations: Paul Jeurissen and Grace Johnson

According to their online biography, Paul and Grace met while touring in the States in 1981 and have since made a living and a life out of bicycle touring together.  Their latest project carries the title: “Bicycle touring around the world: in search of inspiring images“.

In their own words they describe their current trip saying: “In 2010 Paul & Grace started on a multi-year bicycle journey/project around the world. The theme of this project (and blog) is; “Bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images”. The challenge will be to photograph the different bicycle/cycling cultures around the world, and also the feeling of traveling by bicycle; unexpected adventures, contact with other cultures and cycling through monumental scenery.”

A visit to his site shows just how successfully these aims are being met: the images included are stunning.  He uses a device to taking images of grace dressed in red against a stunning set of backgrounds, many of them massive in scale.  The result is an inspiring effect that throws up the cash in scale between lone cyclist and the landscape around them.

They maintain another site, “Impressions of Bicycle Touring” which charts their journeys in America, India, Nepal and Indonesia.  The approach is again very distinctive, very visual with great impact and relatively few words.

These are not sights to go looking for tips on touring, but they inspire through their images and the wonderful self-expression on offer in the sites and the images they contain.  Very well worth visiting.


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