Inspirations: Emily Chappell – a cyclist with something to say for herself

I can’t quite remember how I came across the, “That Emily Chappell” website and blog.  I think it must have been via a Twitter link.  However I came by it, I am so pleased that I did.

It is such a pleasure to come across a cycle blogger in the middle of a fantastic journey who has such an original voice and the writing skills to express herself and her ideas with such fluency and conviction.  Her blog is a wonderful treat.

If you visit, don’t make the mistake of starting with her most recent posts.  Good though they are, you will get far more from the reading if you go back to the beginning of her story and follow forward into her developing journey – over the ground and internally.

She offers such a rich mix of stories and insights.  Her site is a gem I will enjoy following until her safe return and the end of her current set of roads.


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