Cycling in San Sebastian, Spain | NicFreeman

Nic Freeman does a great job of selling a days cycling around San Sebastian.  His posting contains some surer images and good, practical advice.

“There is something inherently serene about cycling by the sea. Perhaps its the feeling of salty air filling your lungs as your glide like a gull along the waters-edge. Perhaps its the big blue space that reminds you that the world is vast and wild. Or maybe, its just the simple pleasure of being away from routine, out of constructed confines, instead among the fresh air and earthly wonders.

San Sebastian is a seaside city made for cycling. Dedicated bike paths have been carefully woven across the city, along the wide boulevards, past many pleasing city sights and along flat, scenic roads. After finishing my Camino in Santiago de Compostela, I spent a glorious day cycling in San Sebastian, which I can highly recommend to anyone who plans to visit San Sebastian.”

via Cycling in San Sebastian, Spain | NicFreeman.


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