Trips: Inverness to Cawdor Cycle Loop

Having decided to take the bikes to Inverness, we decided the train would be the best option.  With an advance booking made a few days ahead of our travel date, and thanks to our Senior Rail cards, we were able to travel with our two bikes for the princely sum of £21 Return.  Not bad going!

The Thorns at Aberdeen Station

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on the outskirts of town and were delighted by the cycle-friendly welcome from Cathy the manager and her staff.  After a first night locked inside by the laundry, the Thorns spent the next two nights snug and safe in a locked staff only cupboard off the breakfast area.  With the hotel too far to walk form the city centre, we were pleased to find the Snowgoose Inn right on our doorstep.  Great food and excellent value.

The Snowgoose Inn

This cycle  marked a big milestone on our road to recovery after Jacqui’s accident with a 45 kilometre run from Inverness to Cawdor via the very lumpy national cycle route and returning via the Culloden Battleground.

The aqueduct by Clava Lodge almost made the detours via the Sustrans route worthwhile.  Almost!

Spot the missing train!
Aqueduct by Clova Lodge en route to Cawdor

We arrived at Cawdor and the excellent Cawdor Tavern in time for a very fine lunch.

Lunch Spot

After Lunch we made our way back to Inverness via the direct road from Cawdor, but taking in the Culloden Visitor Centre on the way.

The War Memorial at Culloden

In all it was a 45K run and, although longer and lumpier that we had intended, just the reassurance we needed that Jacqui was properly back in the saddle and raring to go!

Map Details of the route are available via the Map My Ride site.


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