Inspirations: Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins

We have been away cycling in the Highlands over the last three days and we missed the stages of the Tour de France as a result.  So tonight we get home and watch the final stage.  And there he is again – Cavendish at his very best.

Mark Cavendish
Mark Cavendish (Photo credit: Petit Brun)

I feared the days of the man with the extra gears – the Manx Missile were no more.  I was so wrong.  But better still, there he was being led out by the man in Yellow, Bradley Wiggins – on the final day, when he might have coasted in risk free and wallowed in celebrations of his Tour Victory. Then better still, we watch Cav’s previous win and see it was a dress rehearsal, but even more impressive with Wiggins hunting down the breakaway when all seemed lost.  Sky is a very special team and these are very special days.  I regret we will not see them again, but wouldn’t it be great if they could repeat it one more time for the Olympics!  It’s a great time to be out on your bike and enjoying every minute!


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