Trips: Inverness to Dores and Return

River Ness
River Ness (Photo credit: Mexicanwave)

On our recent trip to Inverness we made a run to the village of Dores for lunch.  The road to Dores starts from the city centre on the east side of the River Ness, tracking up through the Holm area.  For a start its a bit of a drag uphill, but the route thereafter is more or less undulating with a slight disadvantage on the outwards direction.

Once outside of the city limits the route is very scenic and tree lined for much of the way.  Finally, the views open out over Loch Ness and are quite stunning.

A First view of Loch Ness
English: Dores Inn Superb historic village inn...
English: Dores Inn Superb historic village inn and restaurant on the shores of Loch Ness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dores does not have much to offer itself, but luckily hosts the Dores Inn serving excellent snacks and full meals.  On the day we visited the restaurant was booked out over lunchtime, but the same menu is on offer in the bar area and outside.

Loch Ness from the Dores Inn Garden

An alternative route home is possible, but if you like you can return by the outward route, so enjoying an exhilarating run into Inverness after a couple of wee hills at the outset.

It’s about a 16 mile round trip by the direct route.


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