Bikes on Eurostar? Yes or no?

Thinking of taking your bicycle on Eurostar London to Paris? We found we had to when our ferry crossing was cancelled on strike action. It was a last minute thing and we had no time to plan it, but it worked well for us.

We bought our train tickets online, but did not see a way to book the bikes on online. So we pitched up at St Pancras and picked up our tickets and advice on what to do with the bikes. We were sent off to the Euro Dispatch office and told to go ASAP as we had no reservations. On arrival they sucked through their teeth at the news we had not booked, but set about the paperwork immediately. We had to remove all accessories from the bikes, including lights and bells. But with a minimum of fuss the bikes were whisked away. Crucially, we were given a map of how to locate the Geo Parts depot in Garde du Nord. Without it we would have been well lost.

Ok at £50 it was far from cheap, but the convenience counted for a lot and the friendly and helpful service at both ends was very welcome. We’d recommend Eurostar to cyclists – with deep pockets if you have not booked early enough to get decent fare levels.


2 thoughts on “Bikes on Eurostar? Yes or no?

    1. Gonçalo I am so sorry, but while on the road I did not visit here much and missed your comment. Thanks so much for the offer of help on the road. We are now back home. We had a great time and enjoyed it all especially Portugal – our favourite! I’ll be sure to check out your site now and hope to stay in touch. We expect to be back in Portugal and spain in the coming new year. All the best, Norman


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