Top Five Cycle Touring Technology Tips I wish I’d Learned Earlier

We have been back from our cycle tour from Paris to the Algarve in Portugal for a few weeks now.  Time enough to reflect on some things I wish we had done differently.  My top five regrets are:

  1. Not using the GPS location feature on my still camera (a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ30) routinely.  Sure enough, we have arrived back with photos taken in places we cannot remember.  Most annoying is the fact that I bought the Panasonic because of its GPS facility!  Fears over battery demands put me off having the GPS on all the time put me off. Big mistake!
  2. Not taking enough video footage.  The Panasonic takes great video and I was also carrying a Flip video camera.  I had even created a mount for the camera on top of my front light: but somehow I failed to use it.  I default to stills I regret to say.  Big mistake.  Especially before a couple of brilliant descents on the border between Portugal and Spain. I can still run these through my brain, but seeing the footage would have been so wonderful.
  3. Not taking enough photos.  It’s impossible to take too many is it not? We take too many similar shots because we take them under the same circumstances each day.  We take when we stop to eat and drink and at special viewpoints.  So, too many photos take the same format and too many show us in our dayglow waistcoats.  Big mistake.
  4. Not buying a Smartphone data roaming package.  I had my iphone with me, but fears of big bills meant I turned off data roaming.  So no Twitter, no Facebook and no regular blogging updates on the road as events unfolded.  Big mistake.
  5. Not blogging each night in our hotels with wifi.  Somehow there seemed to be so much to do each night, with booking hotels and navigation, we failed to blog our experiences each day.  We did keep paper journals each day, but blogging would have added something for sure.

I guess we will just have to do it all again, and do better next time!  I wonder if you have ever made similar mistakes, or have suggestions on how to manage things better?

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