Two on Four Wheels die in Thailand

There are some days that just start off sad.  Too sad really. Unfairly sad. Unreasonably sad. Today was one such beginning with the news that Peter Root and Mary Thompson (Two on Four Wheels) have been killed while cycling in Thailand.

Peter and Mary R.I.P.
Peter and Mary R.I.P.

The news came to me via a touching tribute video posted on Vimeo by Tom Waugh.  It catches their warmth and matter of fact bravery so well.

I spent sometime today replaying some of their videos on Vimeo.  I have decided this one of their trip  through Turkey into Iran is my favourite.  It has all of their humour and love of life and shows them typically comfortable around and loved by all of the people they met on their trip.

They were clearly a very special couple and have been taken from us way too soon.  It should not have ended this way. Their videos showed them so full of life and so talented in so many ways. My thoughts go out to their families and friends and to them both. Rest in peace and know that you touched many, many lives as you passed by.

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