The Brooks B17 Saddle

When we met with Andy Blance to specify our bikes we had a lot of choices to make. Many were difficult options on technical matters. My choice of saddle was instant, however: I knew I wanted a Brooks model B17.  The B17’s reputation had gone before it!  Here’s a glimpse as to why:



Three years into riding the Thorn I am still convinced I made the right initial choice.  The B17 is just coming into its best, although it was never uncomfortable, it is now a real pleasure to sit on over a long day.


Brooks England saddle. B-17 model.
Brooks England saddle. B-17 model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




2 thoughts on “The Brooks B17 Saddle

  1. I have the same saddle but with suspension and am right now not 100% sure if I am happy with it or not as after more than a year on it I still have a sore bottom from time to time. Also, the screws are rusting. Do you face the same issues?


  2. Hi guys, no, I don’t have any rusting of screws or rivets, but then I suspect I am not mounting anything like the same severe test that you are with your extensive touring in some pretty exotic and humid conditions. I do try to keep the saddle dry as far as possible and well proofed. I came across some discussion of such matters here ( you might find this useful. I note Brooks will repair and restore, but perhaps at a cost. Enlarged copper rivets are also possible it seems. As to getting saddle sore, I guess that comes with the territory regardless of choice of saddle. I just find that the Brooks encourages me to slide back onto my sit bones more and this relieves a lot of pressure in places I would prefer not to have pressure. Enough said I hope! I am still enjoying your travels by the way and look forward to your next stories. All the best.


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