Tom Bruce’s Every Inch of the Way Reviewed

If you have a cyclist in your life and you are looking for a present for them – look no further: Tom Bruce’s new book, “Every Inch of the Way: My bike ride around the world” will  be a pleasure for anyone interested in cycling and adventure.  It is a cracking good read.

Tom Bruce On the Road
Tom Bruce On the Road (Photo Credit Tom Bruce)

More and more cyclists are appearing in print with tales of their cycle trips.  Tom Bruce’s effort stands out from the crowd for three reasons:

  • I like his no nonsense, ‘lets get the story told’ style.  The narrative moves along at just the right pace and you are never bored by too much description or tedious detail.
  • He weaves elements of story telling, technical stuff, planning and practical matters, some historical and cultural coverage with personal insights, in a really nice, seamless mix.
  • Best of all, he has a great adventure under his belt – a proper round the world the hard way story: 14,000+ miles, 20 countries, 280 days and in some of the wildest and most challenging areas of our world.

I bought his book as a paperback. First impressions were not all that good. The presentation is less than polished. The black and white photos are disappointing. There are quite a few typos. However, once you start reading, all these worries quickly fade. This is a proper adventure story told by a lively and likeable young man.  Will I be following in his pedal tracks? No way anytime soon. Has he inspired me to pick out bike trips I might want to make? For sure!

If you want to see more of his trip and some excellent colour photos check out his blog.


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