Nice video – 10 tips for riding in Eastern Europe

I came across this very nice little video (it’s only just over 6 minutes long) by David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen made during their recent trip down through Eastern Europe. I like the way they have told the story of their trip through these 10 ‘tips’ that they want to recommend. To be honest, they are more like ideas or beliefs that they hold about cycle touring than tips exactly, but they are none the worse for that.  It’s a very sweet little video with a nice sound track and some warm and funny moments.

If you want to read more, David and Lindsey have a website devoted to promoting their ideas on sustainability and climate.


2 thoughts on “Nice video – 10 tips for riding in Eastern Europe

  1. Thanks so much for the kind comments about our video! We’re really glad you enjoyed it. (We made the video for the Filmed by Bike film festival in Portland, Oregon). Also (shameless plug coming), feel free to check out the book I’m putting together: –It will be available on Amazon in February, but you can get a copy now through Kickstarter. Happy riding,



  2. Thanks for dropping by, David. I was pleased to find out about your forthcoming book and reserve my copy on KickStarter. Congratulations on making your funding total. If the book is as good as the video trailer it is going to be special. I am sure it will be: looking forward to getting my copy in February. All the best with it, Norman


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