Revised Cycle touring kit list – for non-camping softies who like toys and comforts!

We have been revising our essentials only kit list as we prepare for our month in Spain and Portugal later in September and October.  This trip is different as this time we intend to fly with our bikes. (Update October 2016: we are not taking our Thorns this time, but the list is the same save for Rohloff and Thorn specific items.)

Update: This is the revised/revised list for our Alicante to Algoz trip Spring 2016.

So far we plan to take:

Norman (Jacqui much the same in panniers (2@4.5kg) and bar bag (1.7kg), but has no saddlebag)

BarbagOrtlieb Model 4 (weighs in at 3.0 kg) [Still going strong – excellent bit f kit]
Wallet with cash and cards
Travel Tickets (plane)
Next accommodation details
Travel Insurance Details
E111 Euro Health Card
‘Business’ Cards

Pleased to meet you!

Diary/Journal – Moleskine
Camera – Nikon 1 V1 withkit zoom lens and shutter remote [tele lens never gets used]
Sat Nav – Garmin Edge 800 [Still going strong]
Mobile Phone – iphone 6
Swiss Army Knife – a cheap clone after losing the original in Auz.
Sunglasses (off bike)
Reading Glasses
Bag waterproof cover
Helmet waterproof cover
Micro Towel
Fieldglasses 10×25 – [Left at home: too little used]
Sunblock F50

SaddlebagCarradice Long Flap (weighs in at 5.0kg)
Large D-Lock and 2 cables – Kryptonite Silver rated to save a kilo.
Insulation & Velcro Tape
Spare Tubes x2
Spare Gear Cables – Rohloff x2
Rohloff hub service kit x2
Spare Brake cables Jagwire x2
Cleaning Cloths x2
Bungee Ties x2
Waterproof Jackets – Ultura x2 (NC and JM)
Waterproof Trousers – Ultura x2 (NC and JM)
Multitool – Toepeak
Eccentric Hub Spanner – Thorn
Allan Keys x5
Latex Gloves x2
Puncture Repair Kit
Tyre Levers
Pedal Spanner – Slim line
Pliers/Cable cuttters
Cable Ties
Chain Lube
Mini Floor Pump – Bontager

Left Rear PannierOrtleib (weighs in at 4.5kg)
Hotel and Travel Documentation in Travel Admin File
Paper Road Atlas – Michelin Spain and Portugal
Passport and Card Details (Photocopies)
Emergency Contact Numbers
Bike Details
Toilet Bag and Medical Kit
Cycle Shorts x2
Base Layer
Cycle Tops short sleeved x2
Cycle Top long sleeved
Cycle Socks x5
Cycle Leggings – Gore

Right Rear Pannier – Ortleib (weighs in at 4.5kg)
Trousers x2
Microfleece – Craghoppers
Chargers’ Bag
– iPhone x2
– iPad x2
– Still camera – Nikon
– Still camera – Lumix
– Garmin & Sena headset/mike
– iPad photo transfer gizmo
– Mains Adapters x2
– UK Multibar
Medical Supplies

The Thorn Raven Sport Tour bikes we have are recommended to take no more than 16kg on the rear rack, so we are well inside that at 9kg and 5kg for my saddlebag.  T


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