ACA Montana on the North Tier Route

For four or five years now Jacqui and I have been thinking about a trans-America trip, either West to East or the reverse. Most of the time our discussions end nowhere as we get cold feet thinking about the extent of the commitment required – we guess it would take us about four months or so.

So we try to dismiss the idea as too big and too scary. Then up pops a prompt like this video from the Adventure Cycling Association about the Montana stretch and we think – will we spend the rest of our days regretting that we put if off until it was too much for us?

What do you think?  Could we be heroes – or are we just chickens?


4 thoughts on “ACA Montana on the North Tier Route

  1. I think you just gotta go for it. Don’t let another year pass. I’ve cycled across the United States 6 times already (and 50+ other countries around the world), but the Northern Tier route in the USA (especially the part through Montana) is one of the few routes left in North America that I really want to do.

    You said you were thinking of doing the TransAm route across the USA, but I don’t think that is necessarily the best US bike route. If it were me, I’d probably do the Pacific Coast Route (which I’ve done twice) or the Northern Tier (which I haven’t done at all, but think it sounds pretty amazing).


  2. Thanks BTP, the Norther Tier does attack me most. But one question – we normally tour light and stay in hotels or guest houses: would we need to camp to cover the distances on some days to cross the States?


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