The Delights of Seville

Thanks to the CTC Cycle Clips mag for putting me onto this Guardian article on cycle friendly Seville.  We spent a glorious 3 days in Seville while touring from Alicante to Algoz on the Algarve last October. We were cycling into the city from the East and were quite worried about it, but in fact entry proved to be a delight as quiet roads took us to the canal side to the north then all the way to a fine, safe cycle way that circled the inner city, making navigation to our central hotel much easier.  Mind you, nothing else about the city was easy to navigate, but that is another story!


3 thoughts on “The Delights of Seville

  1. Hi there! I’ve just been checking out your info regarding the ferry from Vila Real to Ayamonte, and suddenly realized that I’ve actually met you! Our paths crossed in Armação de Pêra earlier this year while my husband and I were sat at Pedro’s bar having a morning coffee! It was the mention of Algoz on this page that the penny finally dropped! We have a couple of ridgeback hybrids and single wheel trailers and hope, one day, to be as cycling savvy as you two! My aim is to convince Howard (my husband) that we ar fit enough to get to Seville – inspired by the same Guardian article!

    Good cycling and hope to see you again sometime!



    1. Hello Lesley, Jacqui and I remember our meeting with you well. I recall my eye was taken by your trailers. We can’t remember if we were on our Scotts or Thorns that day. Saville is very special and the cycling on the Spanish side is very flat and easy along the coast. A bit less so from Algoz to Tavira (we always go via Loulé and S.B. de Aportel as we don’t know a good way round Faro) but I guess you know there roads well. You will need to tell Howard to get his act together! 😉 Its a lovely place to cycle. Thanks for getting in touch. We hope to be back on the Algarve early October. Maybe see you around on the roads. Norman


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