Algoz – Disaster (almost) Averted

We are just back from a short 5 day cycle-based break in Portugal and 4 nights in London: Very different experiences, but both very good for us.

Sunshine in Silves - meantime!
Sunshine in Silves – meantime!

We retrieved the Scott bikes from the loft at my sisters and gave them their usual extensive mechanical check over – 5 minutes each and a squirt of WD40 and they were declared good to go.

We headed for lunch in Silves, about 15K from our start in Algoz, adopting our usual time-trial mode along the main road, hence the dayglow tops.  We came home over the hills and into the Orange Groves – a more demanding, but much more scenic route.  After months off the bikes, of course, everything hurt – wrists, necks, shoulders and of course, bums, but we expected nothing less.

Day two saw us take to the coast on a round trip taking in Gallé Beach and A. de Pêra.  Thesis one of our favourite short day runs and we were blessed again with light sunshine and calm conditions.  A real pleasure, albeit short-lived.

On day 3 we were due to transfer to a hotel in Alvor, but the weather fates decided otherwise.  We spent the night listening to torrential rain and woke to find it still lashing down, as it continued to do for the rest of the day.

We will cycle in all sorts of weather, if we have to, but this time we could see we could not venture out safely and so had to call things off.  Algol was soon under unprecedented floods.

Algoz under water
Algoz under water

Reports then started coming in of vehicles aqua-planing on the roads and extensive and severe floods all along the coast and so we decided we just had to stay put and wait out the storm.

Albufeira, less than an hour away on the bikes, fared even worse it turned out, making git quite clear we had taken the right decision.  We hate giving up on cycling adventures, but on this day, this one would have been just daft.

A day after we were able to get out on the bikes with almost no sign of any problems as we headed into the hills again on a lunchtime outing to Messines.  Amazing!




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