All things are relative

We cycle in Portugal quite a bit and have done so for many years, so we are well used to encounters with dogs in remoter areas. Often the first indication I get is when Jacqui comes by me at a speed that would do Mark Cavendish credit.

However, when I came across this photo on the web, I realised that all things are relative and we had little to complain about.

2015-12-19 at 19.52

We have encountered wild boar and even a full grown bull in the past, but if we ever get to this point, we will be trading down to a four wheel cage for our future trips.


3 thoughts on “All things are relative

    1. High intensity interval training indeed – I consider that to be threatening language, Lesley. 🙂 By the way, our encounter with the bull happened just south of Castro Verde, heading in your direction. A truck stopped, concerned for our safety, but we misheard the warning and thought the driver was talking about a boulder on the road. Luckily, not even my bright red jacket tempted the bull into charging us and we slipped by unmolested.


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