David Bowie, cycling companion

David Bowie provided the accompaniment to my best ever cycling day. Jacqui and I were 11 days out from Paris, cycling towards the Pyrenees and Spain.

Heading South East Works!


We were a mixture of ecstatic and terrified. We knew we were going to complete the French leg with our arrival in St. Jean Pied de Port – plenty reason for us to celebrate: but we were painfully aware of the Pyrenees louring in the distance – and we were very unsure we could climb over them.

Then on that thrilling last day, a snatch of, “we could be heroes” came into my head.  I was not even sure it was a Bowie song. It stuck in my brain and repeated as a loop for all the miles after until we arrived. I confess I was even heard to sing it aloud on full volume: this mercifully is not something that I am given to doing often.  Put it down to the thrill of the moment and the power of Bowie’s anthem.

That night we raised a glass to our success. Tonight the toast will be, David Bowie – with a word of thanks included.  RIP.

Champagne Moment



10 thoughts on “David Bowie, cycling companion

  1. What a lovely post. My favourite Bowie song, and one from which I too have drawn strength. Well done for your achievements regarding the Pyrenees – something I and Howard have yet to do, but I know what song I will be singing.


  2. Thanks Lesley, it was a very special day that lives vividly in our memories. We have just booked our flights with the bikes to Alicante and will make our way along the coast to Algoz, then fly back from Faro. Can’t wait!


    1. Will you travel along the coast or across country? How long are you planning to take? Will you be in time for the Volta do Algarve? Hope we can catch up while you’re here!


      1. We did an inland and slightly north route last time, so we will pretty well stick to the coast this time, Lesley. At least as far as possible. We arrive Alicante 25 February and fly from Faro 15 March, but we hope to be in Portugal by 5 March and around Algoz by March 10 – to be able to spend some time with my sister and her husband. This all sounds very organised – in fact I have done no planning at all as yet, except check its about 1200-1300K in total. We don’t want to rush, no records will be set! 😉 When is the Volta? It would be great to see you again and catch up. I’ll email you when we get to the border.


      2. Unfortunately the Volta will be over by the time you get here (it’s the 17-21 Feb), but coffee (or hot chocolate!) is ready to go! Cheers and enjoy the trip (as if I need to say that!)


      1. Spot on Pete, agree 100%. In fact, we have cycled much of Southern Portugal and it is all pretty special in our view. The Alentejo is our special favourite. Smooth roads, often empty and glorious vistas – all day long. We are off back in a few weeks. Can’t wait! 😉 Thanks for stopping by. Norman


  3. Congratulations for triumphing over the Pyrenees . I always dread the mountains. A condition called myocardial bridge prevents me from putting heavy loads on my heart. I am going to challenge this a bit this year. Glad you had the inspiration of David Bowie’s anthem .


  4. I am sure you know your limits, Hari, but do take it easy. Our bikes are especially low geared. As the specifier said, we should never need to step off climbing a hill, but we would freewheel down most of them. What’s not to like! 🙂


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