Spring Cleaning

OK so I may be just a tad on the optimistic side, but with Spring and a new year ahead of me I thought it was time to give, “Pedalling on Regardless” a bit of a spring clean. Or at least a wash and brush up. So it is out with the old, but trusted and reliable, Coraline Theme and say hello to, “Publication” – all, ‘swishy in her satin and tat’ and about as subtle as a slap in the face with a wet cod. Who says old dogs must be stuck in their ruts?

I hope readers will bear with me as I learn and apply all these new features and frills.  What do you think?  Is the new look worth persevering with on first meeting?


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hello Norman and Jacqui, it’s been such a pleasure to find your blog. I only dropped by after googling tips on how to cycle out of Paris on a long tour south, and have loitered here for over an hour now reading about your travels! Thank you for all your interesting observations and for sharing so infectiously the pleasure you derive from being out in the big wide world on two wheels. Wishing you many more safe journeys together, ps hope Jacqui’s shoulder is still going strong!


    1. Cheers Ivan. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I love your phrase, ‘being out in the big wide world on two wheels’. It does feel great doesn’t it! And yes, Jacqui’s shoulder is fine, although it does bug her on cold, wet days and ‘pings’ the security scanners as she goes through airports. She has a certificate from her doctor that saves her from being strip searched! So, where are you heading for South of Paris?


  2. Was thinking of heading to the Camargue and then as far as Nice, Norman. But this morning read an article about the Paris-Brest Audax ride, which sounds great. Probably a bit too easy for you guys! Pleased to hear Jacqui’s shoulder is fully certified to save the intimate searches, and looking forward to following your further shared adventures!


    1. I love cycling in France. Because we go away in Spring and Autumn, typically we go south in search of warmth, but Summer in France on a bike is very special. For the record we are super slow, but willing and able to spend long days in the saddle to ‘catch up’ when we need to. Please let us know how your plans take shape.


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