To Via Verde or not?

We did about 65 K today from Guardamar del Segura to Murcia. Our plan was to follow the Via Verde bike and hike corridor to Orihuela and then take to the road.

We Made a promising start. The cycle road was a bit rough, but it was great to be traffic free. Then the headwind caught us on the exposed sections and the combination of rough surfaces and headwind slowed us to a crawl.

We stuck at it, however – until the lack of signage in every village and getting lost drove us to distraction.  We were falling more and more behind schedule and getting more and more tired.  We needed to make a change to give us some edge and advantage.  We chose to take to the roads.  They were, smooth, more sheltered and brought us decent signage.

We arrived in Murcia about 5 in the afternoon and slumped, thankfully into the comfortable embraces of the Nelva Hotel.  Lovely for softies like us and worth every penny.


I guess we are just not cycle track types.  Who is?


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