When in Spain…

… don’t  expect the highway authorities or planners to look after the touring cyclist. Today we wanted to cycle from Murcia to Lorca. This should have been a relatively easy 70k run.

However, opinions differed at to whether it was possible. It seemed that a 10k stretch of the old N340 South of Totana had been turned into a motorway and there was no alternative. Via Michelin, one of my go to planning apps suggested a detour was possible via La Hoya, but showed none of the back roads used. It might be necessary to hop on a train to cover this missing link.

Needless to say we decided to have a go and with local help we managed to get it done. There is no signage at the Totana end, but the local cafe staff directed us to a side road to the left just before the motorway that connected over an old farm road to La Hoya and so back to the old N340 for the last 10k into Lorca. There is signage at the  southern end.

So we spent a tough day cycling into a strong headwind worrying about the missing link, only to find it was only missing to the planners and not on the ground.  Phew!



2 thoughts on “When in Spain…

  1. Many of the new roads are funded by EU money and it would appear the Spanish are not entirely to blame. Certainly in northern Spain I’ve enjoyed quiet roads for miles while motorways in the distance take all the traffic. Except in parts of the Pyrenees where the new roads are built on top of the old ones. Maps and Google don’t keep up to date!


  2. You are right Ian and I don’t seriously blame the authorities. Or at least only when sharing their frustration with the difficulties of the terrain and the uncertainty of the mapping.


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