A hill too far…

We headed from Lorca to Velez Blanco today.  We knew we were in for a few category hills ending with a stiff one over the final 10 K rising to over 1000 metres, but we were not ready for the horrid blustery headwinds that made bike control difficult.  We made it, but not without some trauma.

A pleasure en route however was meeting Kevin, a true cycle-traveller. Kevin is from Ireland and was making his way to the coast to get away from the cold and snows of the hills – he camps each night.

We were reminded that we play at this cycle touring thing while some others have it as a life style. All the best to Kevin and his tribe.

2 thoughts on “A hill too far…

  1. You are tougher than I am by a mile (or a few thousand miles). I’m one of those prairie girl cyclists – give me a nice, paved stretch with no traffic, very little wind (unless it’s a gentle breeze to cool my back), and a lot of sun (but not in my eyes, thanks), and I’m there! Oh, don’t ask me to go too far, my butt and wrists get sore. Is it time to stop for some pictures and a snack, yet?

    Yeah, I’m that kind of cyclist. I love reading your stories from the road. I can pretend I’m a whole lot tougher than I am. Happy trails!


  2. Thanks for the compliment, Leah, but like you we are fair-weather cyclists and softies when and if we get the chance. More so with every passing year. We arecjustvslow learners and need to find a warm place we can get to at this time of year that ain’t as hilly as Spain!


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