The shame of it…

… we loaded the bikes into a hire car today to whisk them a couple of hundred kilometres and back on track after admitting we had slipped too far behind our schedule to make it up. We skipped Almeria to near Malaga.  It’s my fault.

As we might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb we will do the same tomorrow to Huelva.  It’s not the end of the world.  We won’t be struck off the cyclists’ register – or so I tell myself at least.

We have only once before ‘cheated’ in this way when BA lost Jacqui’s bike on a flight to Bordeaux in 2007.  We lost three days and had to hop onto a train to catch up with hotel bookings. We no longer book more than one night ahead so it’s not an issue this time.

It still felt so wrong lifting the bikes into the back of the Fiat 500. So, go on then, who will cast the first stone?!


7 thoughts on “The shame of it…

  1. One of the joys of bike touring is that it’s so easy to change things around. When you get home you can ride around the neighborhood to make up for the lost miles.


  2. No stones from this direction. I am in awe as I follow your journey. Enjoy the lovely weather (I’m watching it closely, as Malaga is my next destination in a little over a week).

    I hope things get back on track soon, in the meantime, enjoy!


    1. Thanks, Leah, and yes the weather on the east and south coasts has been great and it seems set to continue so from what I have seen of forecasts. Are you in Spain too? I am sorry, but I have lost track of you online while travelling.


  3. Is that really the back of a fiat 500!! without removing the front wheels. Impressive. You are definitely my sort of tourers, not embarrassed to use other transport options if needs must. That’s what touring is for me, not sticking to a plan just because it was the plan. Flexibility and no obsessive mile counting. Bravo. I also have a red Thorn Raven with Rohloff hub, and a Birdy with Rohloff hub, easier to get on the train and buses if I need to make up miles!! Happy pedalling. t


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