Loulé to Silves – a favourite route on the Algarve

To our mind there are only two reasons to cycle the N125 along the Algarve: one, if you are in a hurry and can’t afford to get lost and two, if you are visiting Bike World.  Other than that, there are always better alternatives.

One of our favourites is the stretch from Loulé to Silves.  You leave Loulé on the N270 and have to do the first stretch along this main road. It can be busy and the traffic moves pretty fast. Just before you turn South to cross the motorway and head to Boliquieme, and at a petrol station, turn off to the right and head for Alfontes.  There’s a nice wee cafe bar there if you fancy a coffee.

After Alfontes, follow signs for Tenoca and then Paderne: this section runs through a beautiful, green valley of olive and orange trees. Riding it today the verges were alive with wild flowers in full bloom: beautiful.  Paderne has a nice wee cafe right on the route too, if a drinks stop is needed.

Heading out of Paderne, cross the bridge and turn back to the left following the Albufeira signs to Men Moniz where you turn right towards Tunes.  In Tunes, track the railway to the left (keep it on your right) until you come to a wee tunnel under it, then turn back to the right along the side of the railway until you pass an electricity sub-station on your left.  You are now heading for Algoz, but there is not much signage at this point.  Just stick to the road going straight on.

Algoz has many cafes and restaurants and makes for a good lunch stop. It has plenty of signs pointing you on to Silves.

In all the route is about 30 miles long and while it has some lumpy bits, there are no significant hills. It’s a super relaxing alternative to car and lorry dodging on the N125.


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