Gap On A Bike

Gosh, but this post has been a long time in the arriving.  The younger me would have been ashamed: now, I don’t believe in looking back and regretting.  Life’s too short and we all deserve a little slack cut from time to time.  Even the arch-procrastinators amongst us.  In any case, for once life got in the way of blogging: hardly a capital crime.

Two cyclists who can’t be accused of anything like procrastination are Neil Stables and Jenny Smillie.  As I type, they are heading towards Laos and Cambodia on a little jaunt they just happened to start in Glasgow no less.  The stuff of dreams, but certainly not for mere dreamers.


With much of Europe and Russia behind them, before them lies a route that will take them over to the USA then West to East from side to side before their return to Scotland in the Summer of 2017.  Fantastic stuff!

Neil and Jenny are on a gap year no less and have a FaceBook Page called Gap On A Bike.  You should pop in and follow the adventures of this inspiring couple.


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