Algoz And bike preparations

We took our Scott bikes on of their hibernation spots in my sister’s loft today and started to ready them for the trip ahead.  We treated them to two new rear tyres – Tour tyres from Continental.  Nothing very special, but with some puncture protection built in and so hopefully a little less prone to flats than the originals.  When fitting them I noticed five repairs to the original tubes and so we also nipped out and invested in a couple of new tubes, bought locally.  The tyres we bought online and took out with us as checkin luggage.


All the Scotts needed additionally was a touch up to the brakes and a light lube and they were ready to go.  We took them for a wee jaunt down to the beach and back just to check all was well.  Mind you, it was hot out there!

After months or riding the Thorns at home, the Scotts felt very odd in the first few moments of riding.  Obviously, the riding positions are not quite as good.  By the time we had 25K in we were both complaining of sore wrists, backs and bums.  However, what else could we expect?  All three complaints will lessen over time on the road.  The first three days are always the worst in our experience and luckily this time we can break ourselves in gently.

Tomorrow we set off for Alvor on the first leg of our micro-tour out to the west and then north to Lisbon.


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