Algoz to Alvor

It’s been our experience thar cycle days can vary from the short to the long and the easy to the hard:  today proved that short days can prove to be hard.

The Leg from Algoz to Silves is very familiar territory for us. We know to expect the wee climb towards the run into Silves. However, in today’s heat and with weight on the Scotts for the first time we struggled a bit. A coffee by the bus station was very welcome before we headed off, refreshed, along the 124.

The 124 brought a shock however. We know it well, but were shocked to find it rutted and potholed as never before. We struggled to keep momentum in our wheels and took water stops often in the mid day heat.

Then it was on to Portimao and it’s dreadful traffic. We headed for P. da Rocha – an old haunt where we has shivered a few Marches ago. Now we sought out shade and a long lunch with drinks. After that it was the run towards Alvor along the coast. As always the promised Euro Eco Cycle Route proved fragmentary and illusionary and we more or less made our own way on as quiet roads as we could find.

The evening in Alvor easily dispelled our frustrations however. It’s a lovely spot and we soon felt the day’s frustrations ebb way with the receding sun.


Refreshed, we will be up and running for the short hop to Lagos tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Algoz to Alvor

  1. That road has to take the prize for the most badly maintained in the Algarve! I even avoid it in a car, but there is a turning to Alferce which makes up for having to go along it at all. A very long, sometimes very steep uphill challenge with the most fab views and very little traffic – not a ride for this time, but one day, as an alternative to the main road if you’re heading for Monchique!


    1. Ah, there is nothing as good as local knowledge, Lesley. I had hoped to find the road from Silves to Estombar and on to P. Da Rocha over the old bridge, but as usual Silves confused me and I was afraid of ending up on the 124-1 to Lagoa which frightens me silly so I settled for the direct route. We have done Monchique a few times and even Foia once, but once was enough thank you! 🙂


  2. I’m so impressed that you go on these long cycling trips. I’m curious though, how come you don’t go to a cycling-friendly country like the Netherlands or Denmark where you don’t have to cycle on roads with cars. They have proper bike paths everywhere. Would it be too boring?


    1. I’m not sure about the long tours, Rachel. We did less than 20 miles today! However, we will do more, hopefully, over the next two weeks or so. We are riding ourselves fit as they say. Some hope! We have cycle-toured in Holland and it was a delight and revelation with near 100% segregation from cars on many days and routes. But Portugal is a gem too. Once we get north of the N125 (tomorrow) and into the Alentego there are many lovely, undulating quiet roads and in our experience most drivers are local and respectful of cyclists. Most, but not all of course. And to be honest we are here for the sunshine and the warmth. Most years we get soaked at least twice mind. 🙂


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