Alvor to Lagos and Aljezur

I am cheating a bit: we did this over two days, but the wifi in the esteemed Dom Pedro Hotel was so slow nothing would post and so details had to wait.

We found a super route out of Alvor heading passed the airport and missing the worst of the traffic and were soon zipping down the N125 in fairly light, if fast of course, traffic.  We only detoured off the main route to Figueira in search of water.


Then in Odiáxere we spotted a road promising Meia Praia, the beach by our hotel on Lagos. We always like getting off the 125 and so decided it was worth the risk. It worked out, but only after stopping repeatedly to ask locals where the beach was. The Dom Pedro had an aire of faded elegance about it, but we made full use of its facilities and our suite with bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom: all for 38 Euros. We also headed out and walked to the marina to see what the other half got for 38 Euros – not much as it turned out.


We expected a difficult day heading for Aljezur, but it turned out to be 10k shorter than expected and a delightful run in bright sunshine, but moderate temperatures and light traffic. Bliss!  There was one testing climb to 243 metres, but with two pleasant coffee stops before and after we took it with ease and rolled onto town in time for lunch. Today was the sort of day that brings us back to the Alentego again and again – and will in the future I hope.


Here we are at nearly 243 metres and about to start on the descent to sea level again: this is what bikes were made for!


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