Aljezur to Odemira – Phew!

Our day started with a very pleasant natter over breakfast with John and Sandy, fellow cyclists from Oregon.  They are on a supported tour this time, but have all sorts of touring experience going back over many years.  It was great to swap stories.  Maybe I should have settled for a good blether.

You have days when your legs are good on the bike and days when they are not.  Today mine were great for the first third of our 40k run to Odemira and our first coffee break, then they just run out of steam for a while.


Luckily, Jacqui took over in point position and I managed to hook on to her train as we worked our way up and down the typically endless Alentejan swells and troughs.


I think maybe I was reacting to my misremembering the fact that the run was largely flat – in fact we climbed over 450 metres on the day.  Or maybe it was the heat – it was very warm around midday.  Here we are after our banana and nuts lunch by the roadside at about the half way point.  You can see which of us was looking the fresher!


And here are the bikes – looking better than us!


But don’t let me suggest we did not enjoy the day.  Once I was latched onto Jacqui’s wheel and being pulled along my morale lifted and we could both enjoy what was a wonderful ride in near perfect conditions.

To top it all off, Odemira is a very pleasant surprise.  It must be one of the prettiest towns in Portugal.



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