Odemira to Aljustrel – Bliss!

We woke to thick fog and the knowledge that we faced our longest day of the trip covering 60k in some pretty lumpy terrain.


Our Residential offered no breakfast so we headed to a Pastelaria for coffee, orange juice and croissant. Good, but not our usual hotel buffet carb-fest.  We were on the road by 9.30, but ran straight into a local diversion and so lost time until a Delta Coffee delivery man put us straight.

The sun was soon up and stayed with us for the day.


We were soon enjoying a typical days cycling in the Alentajo with bright sun, white clouds, smooth roads and apparently endless up and down rolling countryside.  By the end of the day we had climbed very nearly 800 metres.



We were short on food so stopped for drinks and snacks where and when we could.  Under these circumstances, Almond Magnums are very much our favourite fuels.


And so the day rolled on. We spun up many of the smaller rollers where we could, but the Scott bikes with weight are not the lightest nor the fastest so the miles and the heat took their toll.


Overall it was a great day, however and we sailed into Aljustrel tired, but happy after a memorable days ride.





2 thoughts on “Odemira to Aljustrel – Bliss!

    1. Spot on Lesley, few cars and fewer still trucks and those that passed us typically moved right over to the other side of the road then winked an indicator to wish us well. Several car drivers stayed behind us on curves and nobody cased us any grief. A super day, but unlike yesterday on the coast we didn’t see any other tourers today.


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