Aljustrel to Torrão – yesteryear revisited

Our run today took us a couple of hours or so, but perhaps twenty years back in time.  The 30K in bright sunshine and super quiet roads were a pleasure.

We only had one village to visit on the route and from a distance Odivelos seemed less than promising.


However once we climbed up to it, it proved to have an old world charm all of its own.




Back on the road we were in a world of trees – olive, cork, fruit, eucalyptus and pine.




We rolled into Torrão a little after 1.30 and decided we had not worked quite hard enough to deserve lunch so settled for drinks in the sunshine.


We will look forward to our evening meal, however and building up our strength for the longer run and climb to Évora tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Aljustrel to Torrão – yesteryear revisited

    1. Hi Lesley, thanks and sure, we track each day on our Garmin, but I don’t have any way of getting the info off the Garmin to the iPad so I’ll fix that when I get home. I might say that we use the Via Michelin free site and ask it for bike routes from a to b and nine times out of ten just accept the shortest of the three it generally offers. This has never let us down yet. All the best, Norman.


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