Évora to Viana do Alentajo

This was a short, but enjoyable ride that brought us to our Tourismo Rural in short order – except, of course, we could not find it.

The ride was typical – reasonably flat, but with long rolling hills up and down. Again we were in cork, vine and olive country, with a fair bit of livestock thrown in.


Once in the square at Viana it was clear we were in something of a one- pony town.  The Central Pastelaria was typical and run by George and the Dragon.  They did have Pastel da Nata mind.


The saving grace for the town was the Tourist Office staffed by a Celtic fan and its fine castle-church.



We ate at a local bar – the 3 Bicos and we were pleased to find it. It was a league or so above the others we saw. The restaurant was fully booked, but they did us proud in the bar.

Las we rolled out the next day the Saturday Market was in full swing making the square look a very much more welcoming place.


Still we were pleased to wave Viana goodbye. I doubt we will be tempted back.


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