Beja to Mértola – perfecto!

We rode out of Beja with gloves and cycle kit still soggy from the day before, despite all Jacqui’s attempts to dry them overnight. However, the early morning sun promised a better day.


Half an hour into the run we were riding in bright sunshine and a warm, steady and nicely drying headwind.  The feeling of cycle mitts drying on your hands is always very satisfying.

I was worried we would not be allowed to ride the IP2, but all my concerns were misplaced. We met no ‘No Cycles’ signs and completed the 12k or so to the junction with the N122 without trouble.

The route to Mértola is certainly a bit lumpy, but it is increasingly lovely.



The required 50k seemed to romp by.  Our only concern was avoiding the millions of these little guys who were crossing the road in their millions just ahead of our wheels.  Any ideas what they are?


We rolled into Mértola at 13.45 in time for a soup and pudding lunch in the Bus Station Square.

Negatives?  Only one.  Somehow Jacqui managed to lose her Garmin the day before.  Riding along without hearing her running commentary on how our average speed was doing was very strange. It did however give me more time to enjoy the splendid scenery.  I so love cycling in the Alentajo.



2 thoughts on “Beja to Mértola – perfecto!

    1. Sounds way more convincing than any guess we might make, Lesley. Thank you. We associate them with stretches of road bordered with eucalyptus and cork trees. Would that be likely, or are they pretty well common over all of Portugal? In any case we will be calling them Punks from now on. :-).


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