Mértola to Almodôvar – tough going

We knew in advance this was going to be a day of climbing: we had checked out the elevation gain and climbs on Map My Ride, but so how it still caught us out. We both suffered like dogs on the road.


Perhaps it was the heat or the humidity.  After an afternoon and a night of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, once the sun came up it got very close and muggy.

Maybe it was because we started in the wrong frame of mind: we know that if we start expecting an easy or short day, we can end up suffering.   Complacency leaves you unprepared for difficulties.

It was also an uphill slog of over 600 meters in 40k. Long slow drags like this don’t play to Jacqui’s strengths.


I suspect we also just did not find ourselves on the same page on the road.  We are normally in tune and supportive of each other.  We know we take turns at good days and bad ones.  I think I started out too fast today send Jacqui struggled to get going. By the time we knew it was going badly we were each too tired to help the other: instead, we each sunk into something of a slough.  After that all we could do was plug on.

Which of course we did. We have one rule – we start together and we finish together.  At best it’s a matter of pedal stroke for pedal stroke: today it was different – bodies out of tune, but we soon recovered and we will do better tomorrow for sure.



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