Almodôvar to Loulé – heroes!

Well this will sound boastful, but after yesterday’s tribulations today we were heroes. 60K, Category 5, 4 and 2 climbs, the last mentioned over 14k long and at points over 8% gradient in 25 degrees of heat, two dog attacks and we did not put a single pedal-stroke wrong, finishing in 4 hours. Completed on 300 euro bikes carrying over 10 kilos of luggage each. Need I go on? I rest my case m’lud: please address the gold medals to our home address. 🙂






2 thoughts on “Almodôvar to Loulé – heroes!

  1. You must have gone through our alternative stomping ground of Salir! Well done, that’s a mega achievement, knowing those hills first hand! You deserve those gold medals (and probably a good long soak for those hard working muscles.


  2. Yes, we have done Almodôvar to Salir twice before, Lesley, but this time Jacqui just dug in her heels and said no, so we came down the N2 to Branco Velho, then 124, then cut through to Loulé. I was very surprised and pleased how quiet these roads were, but they were tough going at points. Nothing a good soak could not fix, but a reminder that these Scott bikes just don’t fit us right. That’s us back in A de P for two nights and will be around in Algoz until Monday. It would be great to catch up with you both if it’s possible for you.


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