Loulé to Armação de Pêra

We have two usual routes between these two towns. The more taken by us takes us into the hills via Paderne.  The alternative is south to Quarteira, then west through Vilamoura, AlfaMar, Albufeira, and Pera.  This time, with a nice tailwind from the East promised, we decided for the latter – forgetting the cycling hell of Albufeira for the moment of course.  We ought to know better!

We rolled into our destination in good time for drinks and Pastel on the front before checking into our now usual final destination – the Holiday Inn. Now I know this will destroy our credibility as cycle-tourists completely, but we always have enough points in our credit card to get us two free nights in a sea view room and that and the fruit and veg full breakfasts are our treat to ourselves at the end of most tours here if we have the time. It is a bit like an old folk’s home, but they are kind and bike friendly and in any case – we think we deserve the two nights of pampering – however short and few the stages of the tour!




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