Bye for now

Friends and followers, I have decided it’s time to let Pedalling on Regardless go and give this site a decent burial.  I hope you have found some items of interest or use to you, but I feel I have run out of steam and can’t maintain a cycle-specific site anymore.  My interests have widened over the last two or so years and it’s time to close up shop.

The domain name and registration is due to end in mid May and I will not renew.  Thanks for all the encouragement, likes and comments over the years and I hope our paths may cross again sometime in the future.  All the best….


3 thoughts on “Bye for now

  1. When your domain expires you’ll still have the free site and all your followers and all the content. Nothing will change except for the site address which will revert to and which you can keep for as long as you want.


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